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Small fresh Burrata cheese served with oven-roasted tomatoes, stuffed with Ratatouille, grilled toasts and a black olive virgin Sauce.
325 000
Seafood soup, served with an Aïoli, and croutons.
250 000
A melting goat cheese on a toast with a touch of lavender, slowly oven-dried tomatoes, mixed greens and an old fashion dressing. 315 000
Pan-seared Duck liver escalope, on an onion and Provence figs compote, topped with a Morel mushrooms "Jus".
295 000
Our tuna tartare revisited, served in a glass with a touch of citrus, avocado, old fashion croutons, a touch of fresh cheese with shallots and a tomato Espuma.
295 000
Pan-seared scallops on Kombu open ravioli with its cream, topped with a virgin sauce: oven-dried tomatoes, black olives and extra virgin olive oil sauce. 375 000
Home-made Duck liver terrine with Guérande rock salt, Onion, figs and pepper compote, mixed greens and multi-cereal toasts. 415 000
Fettuccine "Salmon Duo" in a creamy sauce with wild mushrooms, oven-dried tomato sauce, tarragon and Cognac. 320 000
Oven-roasted seabass fillet, simply sauteed spring vegetables, and an aromatic herbs and pepper butter Sauce. 365 000
Grilled Tuna fillet, but still rare, on a Kombu confit, topped with a virgin olive oil sauce with olives and oven-dried tomatoes. 375 000
Oven-roasted Pacific Ocean Codfish, on wild creamy palm heart and served with a "Vin Jaune" and morel mushrooms sauce. 485 000
Oven-roasted Tiger Shrimps, served with green beans wrapped in bacon, and topped with a roasted bellpeppers butter sauce. 445 000
Lamb Lasagna: lamb leg  gently roasted in the oven for hours with olives, mushrooms and aromatic herbs, the stacked as a Lasagna with layers of Ratatouille, fresh herbs “Jus”. 315 000
Gently braised Beef cheek with red wine and Provence figs, served with a creamy potato purée. 330 000
Pan-seared duck breast served with sauteed baby potatoes with wild mushrooms and topped with a raspberry vinegar Béarnaise sauce. 405 000
Our Osso Bucco with wild mushrooms served with a risotto alla milanese. 375 000
Lamb cutlets on a wild mushrooms risotto drizzled with a reduced fresh thyme "Jus". 455 000
Pan-seared Imported Beef tenderloin with a Morel mushrooms reduced "Jus", served with a potato gratin, and spring vegetables. 515 000
"Home-made" Ice-creams & sherbets. 125 000
Crème brulée Trio, brownie, and marinated strawberries. 145 000
Amarula flavoured Iced nougat, sitting on a vanilla sauce. 160 000
Café Gourmand: a coffee or tea served with assorted small desserts. 145 000
A Lemon Tart topped with Italian meringue, Balsamic cream and strawberry sauce. 160 000
Profiteroles “from the childhood” served with a pistachio cream. 195 000
A dark chocolate and Frangelico Volcano with its melting lava, served with marinated strawberries and a mascarpone cream. 205 000